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                 About  Flower Essences
       After 22 years of using  flower essences, it is my considered  belief that they may help in alleviating states of physical, emotional and psychological disharmony.  They may help to shift negative habits and patterns from the mental and physical body, possibly assisting the individual's own consciousness in re-establishing equilibrium and thus facilitating wellbeing. 
       The original 38 flower essences, the Bach Flower Remedies, were recognised and developed in the 1930's in England by the renowned Harley Street surgeon and physician Dr. Edward Bach, whose specialisms were in bacteriology and virology. Dr. Bach came to believe that a less invasive and more holistic approach to helping his patients was not only desirable but essential to his way of practising. As was his belief that the spiritual aspect of man needed to be fully considered and incorporated.
       Since then, there have been  hundreds of  flower essences made from plant life indigenous to many parts of the world, including from Alaska to Australia to Hawaii to the Himalayas, each appearing to have their own unique properties.
       Flower essence solutions are normally made using freshly gathered ingredients in a manner similar to homoeopathic principles. During their making they do not retain any actual physical particles. Their principal ingredient is regarded to be the vibrational energy of the plant. Not only are they non invasive, they are also self-adjusting.  If a wrong choice of essence were to be made, or not needed, then the body appears to simply assimilate but not utilise that individual available energy.
        In over 70 years of use world wide, it has been seen that flower essences have been used with positive outcomes, by all ages and conditions of people.  They have been equally successfully used with animals, fish and plant life. None of which can be said to have an improvement due to the 'Placebo Effect'.          
       Holistic Flower Essences are assembled by hand in economically sized, sterilised 30 ml amber glass dropper bottles, in a supporting base solution of spring water, with brandy or cider vinegar added as a preservative.
       Individually tailored essences are made to order, based on full consultation with clients regarding their needs. However we also supply ready designed composite solutions which may assist with everyday problems.

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