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List of ready designed combination Holistic Flower Essences for People, Pets and Plants

Each 30ml/1oz bottle lasts a month when used at the recommended dosage. Please visist out Introductory Offer Page .

Composite Holistic Flower Essences may each contain a combination of up to 9 individual flower essences chosen from our stock of over 200 individual essences. You will receive an information leaflet telling you exactly which essences are in your composite essence and how to use it. All the essences can be used both internally and externally.

 First and foremost our every ready, SOS, save our selves combination. This 'first aid' essence may help during times of upset, trauma or panic.

Addictions combination may offer support when we find it hard to resist our cravings for food, alcohol, tobacco or other substances.
Adolescents combination. They're not easy to live with, but this essence may help make it easier.
AIDS and HIV combination may ease the challenges we face when dealing with such a complex issue.
Allergies combination may ease the problems we face when dealing with the difficulties involved.
Anger Management combination may offer much needed support on those days when we've just 'had enough' of everything.
Athletes combination may help us when we are trying to achieve peak performance in sport.
Baby Blues may help when, as new mums, we are feeling tired and overwhelmed.
Bacteria Buster combination is the perfect support essence if we think we've been exposed to a bug.
Bereavement combination is designed to support us in our times of loss, when a loved one passes on, or a child leaves home.
Carers combination may help us when we are feeling burdened by the responsibility of caring for our loved ones when they are unable to care for themselves.
Clearsight combination may help when we are having trouble thinking straight? Need to cram for exams? Got a job interview? Need to give a great  presentation? Then Clearsight's the right choice.
Colds combination may offer us support at times when our blocked up nose and headache just make life plain miserable.
Creative combination  may offer support when we get 'Writer's block' or Artist's 'white fright' and need new courage and insight?
Comfort combination for times when things just don't seem to be going to plan. Ideal for those 'hate the world' days.
Depression combination for when we feel life is just too darned difficult and we just can't go on trying.
Divorced combination for when feelings are still raw and we are faced with moving on.
Fear and Anxieties combination may help when we are beset by fears which demoralise and disempower us.
Fertility combination may help when we are trying to extend our family. It is not for use by the fainthearted as it has been associated with potent results by past users.
Forgiveness combination is designed to help us at those times when we want to try and proactively heal any rifts in our lives.
Gender combination may help us when we are either confused about, or want to celebrate our sexuality.
Good  Luck combination may help on those days when we feel we could do with a bit of luck.
Hangover combination for those 'mornings after the night before'. What have we got to lose? Could we feel any worse?
Headache combination to help end the 'I've got a headache' days.
Healthy Living combination is custom made with the intention that it may support us in living with whatever disease or illness is afflicting us. Please email to discuss.
Indecisive combination. You used to be indecisive, but now you're not so sure? See if this essence helps!
Influenza combination may help us adjust to deal with the problems associated with the various influenza viruses each time they appear.
Injury combination may help us in our recovery from injuries and physical trauma.
Jealousy combination may help when the 'green eyed monster' is threatening to ruin our day, or worse, our relationships!.
Jet Lag combination may help us when we feel out of synch in other time zones
Loneliness  combination may help when we feel we have no-one who cares.
Male Libido combination may help the gentleman who is feeling let down by himself.
Menopause combination may help us deal better with those debilitating hot flushes, night sweats and low mood that the change of life presents us with.
Migraine combination may help us at those times when the nausea and pain seem unbearable.
Moody Blues combination may help all times of the month run more smoothly. For those days when we feel like 'packing our bags and leaving'.
Obesity combination may help us when we have a weight problem to tackle.
Pain combination may help us in coping with the physical pains which beset us in life.
Patience combination for those 'tear our hair out' days for when we feel like 'kicking the cat' or worse!
PMT may help during those times of the month when us ladies wish we'd been born a man!
Rebel combination for use at all ages when we feel like 'kicking over the traces' and flying in the face of authority.
Self Esteem combination may help at those times when we feel we just 'can't cut the mustard' and have doubts about ourselves.
Seniors combination may help those who want to enjoy their golden years with less confusion and a greater sense of well-being.
Sleepeasy combination may help for those nights when the last thing our mind wants to do is 'switch off'. 
Smoking combination is for that time when we have decided to stop self harming ourself through our addiction to tobacco.
Stressbuster combination may be the prefect support partner for us when we feel unable to cope with all our responsibilities.
Therapist's Choice is designed to support all manner of therapists who work in the healing arts and professions when we neglect ourselves.
Uplift  combination for those days when we feel a bit out of sorts. Ideal for that 'Monday morning' feeling.
Victim Support combination may help us when we feel 'battered by life.'
Viral Attack combination is a 'must have' support, which may help when we think a virus has invaded our space.
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