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Using Holistic Flower Essences
             Normal adult usage is to take 4 drops directly onto the tongue or in water, fruit juice or milk. For chronic conditions one would take 4 drops four times a day. For acute conditions, 4 drops as often as needed, but with a gap of 15 minutes inbetween. For children and pets, 2 drops should be used 4 times a day.
            Full recommended instructions for adults, children, babies, pets and plants accompany each order.
            Please be advised than unless specifically requested otherwise, each 30 ml (1oz) bottle is supplied containing 10mls of brandy at    v/v alcoholic content..
             For maximum effectiveness, wherever possible, please do not use or consume any of the following 15 minutes before or after using a flower essence, coffee, cola, toothpaste, tobacco, or any sweets or preparations containing mint, menthol or eucalyptus.

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